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Active Time
Altitude and heart rate
 High altitude affects heart rate levels.
Article: Exercise and heart rate
Article: Heart Rate Monitors - state of the art
 Article in Journal of Sports Sciences 16:S3-S7, 1998
Article: The new heart rate based test gives a pre-warning of an overtraining condition
 Modified from an article in Sport & Medicine Today 1(1):113, 1998
Average Heart Rate
 The Average Heart Rate function can be used as a tool of following your fitness level trend.
Basic Example of Interval Training
Body Mass Index, BMI
 The most convenient way to determine whether a person is at his/her ideal body weight is to use the Body Mass Index, BMI.
Body Workout
 Develop general muscular fitness and increase fat-free mass with Polar Body Workout™.
Competitive Training
Development and Validation of Polar Features
Difference between heart rate and pulse
 There is a significant difference between pulse and heart rate measurements during exercise
Exercise dose and kilocalories
 Exercise dose can be determined using kilocalories.
Fitness tests for aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness
Heart rate reserve, HRR
 The heart rate zone between maximun heart rate ans resting heart rate
Heart rate variation, HRV
How fit am I compared to the population
 Fitness classification in Polar Fitness Test
How is the Polar Fitness Test carried out
 Instructions how to carry out Polar Fitness Test.
How soon can the improvement in fitness be seen
How to avoid wrong result in Polar Fitness Test
 Instructions for performing the Polar Fitness Test.
How to determine maximum heart rate
How to determine resting heart rate
How to interpret OwnOptimizer results
 Polar unit will display a written description of your training status.
How to perform Orthostatic Test
 Orthostatic test is a tool for analyzing athlete's recovery.
How to perform Polar Fitness Test
 See here how to do Polar Fitness Test with FT40, FT60 and FT80 training computers.
How to utilize running cadence and stride length information in your training
 There are two ways to run faster: moving your legs at a higher cadence or taking longer steps. By utilizing cadence and stride length information given by your Training Computer you can maximize your running performance.
How to Utilize Running Index in Your Training
 Running Index offers an easy way to monitor performance changes. By recording your Running Index over time, you can monitor progress.
Information about Polar Fitness Test and fitness testing in general
Information about Polar OwnCal calorie counting feature
Information about Polar OwnZone feature
Keeps U Fit - Own Workout Progam
 Guides you to reach your personal fitness goals.
Maximum heart rate, HRmax
 The highest heart rate achieved in an all-out effort.
Maximum oxygen uptake, VO2max
 Definition of VO2max.
Monitor Your Activity with Polar AW200
Occupational Medicine
Orthostatic Test
Other Exercise Issues
Other Exercise Issues
Other Medical Issues
Overview of interval training
Pacing yourself using Average Heart Rate
 In endurance training and racing, you can use your Average Heart Rate function to determine how well you're improving and to analyze your pace and race strategy.
Performance and Fitness Testing
Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure Assessment
Polar Activity Zones
 Basic information about the Polar Activity Zones and their effects on your health and fitness.
Polar Sport Zones / Cycling
 Polar Training Intensity Guidance
Polar Sport Zones / Running
 Polar Sport Zones provide an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training.
Relationship between cardiac output, stroke volume and heart rate
Resting heart rate, HRrest
 The lowest heart rate achieved in complete rest
Scientific development and evaluation of the Polar Fitness Test - including practical conduction of the test
Scientific development and evaluation of the Polar OwnZone feature
Self Walk Test by Polar and UKK InstituteTM
 A great way to test your physical fitness
Studies on Animals
The effect of health status and medication on heart rate
The Heart's Function
 Heart is the pump of cardiovascular system.
The Weight Management Food Pyramid
 The Weight Management Food Pyramid helps you to choose your food.
Tip for using OwnCal feature
 Setting exercise goals using OwnCal feature.
Tip for using OwnZone feature
 Practical tips how you can make good use of the OwnZone feature
Training for Fitness and Health
UKK Walk Test
 The UKK Walk Test measures a person's aerobic fitness.
Validity and Reliability of the Heart Rate Monitors
Waist Circumference
 Where excess body fat is stored in the body provides information on potential health risks.
อะไรคือการออกกำลังแบบแอโรบิค (สมรรถภาพหัวใจ)?
 มีสมรรถภาพหัวใจและมีสุขภาพที่ดี ตัวอย่างเช่น ลดความเสี่ยงด้านโรคหัวใจ สมอง ความดันโลหิตสูง และโรคอื่นๆ
ใครที่ได้ประโยชน์จากการใช้อัตราการเต้นของหัวใจ ?
ทำไมการตรวจสอบอัตราการเต้นของหัวใจ จึงเป็นเรื่องสำคัญในระหว่างการออกกำลังกาย ?
 อัตราการเต้นของหัวใจ แสดงความเข้มข้นของการออกกำลังกาย

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